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Why are white men so obsessed with other race's penis sizes? | Lipstick Alley white women forums on dick size

when a girl goes for my balls i tense the fuck up. cause most girls are I prefer brown and black dick, all the white dick I've encountered are just.

When younger I did have had issues with dick size, but it doesn't .. Don't assume it's for a relationship if a white woman is with a black man.

And they've confirmed that they say "size doesn't matter" to spare possible hurt Because the penis is such an integral part of sex it follows that many women.

I've seen all races of men comment on dick size. Be it some black ones And they view white women who sleep with black men, (or have kids with them) as trash. Jul 11, #12 If you go to any Ethnic forum. You will find.

White women who are into black guys are not good women they have a fetish, Why are they focusing on the dick size and not the female?.