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Bambusa, Golden Hawaiian Bamboo, Painted Bamboo, Striped Bamboo Bambusa vulgaris 'Vittata' hawaiian striped bamboo

Vulgaris Vittata is just the variegated form of Bambusa vulgaris which actual origins may not be known. My golden Hawaiian was doing great, approx 25 feet tall, then we experienced a number of freezing nights. The picture "PAINTED BAMBOO-SARASOTA, FL." is a picture of the Painted.

Golden Hawaiian bamboo is one of the most memorable and outstanding bamboos collected. Bright yellow canes with green stripes that look hand painted .

Looking for Golden Hawaiian bamboo? Palmco has Bamboo: Golden Hawaiian Has bright yellow culms with random green stripes that look like drip marks.

This clumping bamboo produces beautiful golden canes with green stripes that appear to have been painted on the canes. The Hawaiian Striped Bamboo.

The Golden Hawaiian bamboo culms are bright yellow with random green stripes of varying widths. The culms are wide spaced and form fairly open clumps.