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Private Dicks: Men Exposed is a American HBO TV documentary on the human penis. The film was directed by Thom Powers and Meema Spadola who.

The men range from 17 to 70+, all are from the U.S. of diverse races. Several are Private Dicks: Men Exposed Poster. Men, most of .. Once again HBO dared.

Men, most of them naked, talk about their penises. The interviews are edited around themes: discovery, early sexual experiences, masturbation, size, oral sex, libido, performance, disease and maladies, maturity. A lexicographer discusses language, especially slang; a few archival.

Rent Private Dicks: Men Exposed () starring Alan Abel and Jonah as to what this episode of HBO's "America Undercover" has/DoesNotHave to offer.

In a new HBO documentary, two dozen men (and one transsexual woman) talk about their penises, Not surprisingly, it isn't long enough. Private Dicks: Men.