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Facial eczema is a type of sunburn (photosensitisation) affecting exposed areas of pale skin of sheep and cattle. It is caused by a poisonous substance called.

Find out about the prevention and treatment of facial eczema here. Breeding cows that are more tolerant to facial eczema is a solution to reduce the impact.

Facial eczema, FE, is a disease that mainly affects ruminants such as cattle, sheep, deer, goats, and South American camelids (alpaca, llamas). It is caused by.

Learn about the veterinary topic of Facial Eczema. Sheep, cattle, and farmed deer of all ages can contract the disease, but it is most severe in young animals.

What is it? Facial eczema is a disease of cattle, sheep, deer, goats, llamas and alpacas (but not horses). After parasites, it's considered to be the most serious.