- strength of mature concrete


strength of mature concrete

Concrete maturity is an index value that represents the progression of concrete curing. Concrete maturity is an accurate way to determine real-time strength values of curing concrete. The maturity concept for estimating the strength gain of concrete is described in ASTM C

Break Tests vs. Maturity Test. Maturity is a non-destructive approach to testing concrete that allows you to estimate the early-age and compressive strength of in-place concrete in real-time. The maturity index value considers concrete temperature and curing time.

Maturity is the relationship between concrete temperature, time, and strength gain. The maturity method, often simply referred to as maturity, is a way of evaluating new concrete’s in-place strength by relating time and temperature measurements to actual strength values.

Maturity methods are used as a more reliable indicator of the in-place strength of concrete during construction in lieu of testing field-cured cylinders.

PDF | Assessment of in-situ concrete strength by means of cores cut from hardened concrete is accepted as the most common in-situ.