Miley Cyrus: I don’t feel straight and I don’t feel gay - BBC Newsbeat - is hannah montana a lesbian


It's a Love, Real and True: How Miley Cyrus Helped Me Accept Being Gay is hannah montana a lesbian

May 7, Hannah Montana Talks Lesbian/Bisexual Flings, LGBT Kids Charity The former Hannah Montana star is being quite open that she is at least.

Mar 24, Hannah Montana's Aunt Dolly is not a lesbian. Well, at least the country legend who plays her isn't. Dolly Parton knows that she's been the.

Oct 13, The best of both worlds. I was reading Karen Joy Fowler's Jane Austen Book Club the first time I realized I wasn't the only lesbian in the world.

Oct 12, Miley Cyrus says she identifies as pansexual after struggling with her sexuality when she was younger. She says her first ever relationship was.

Jun 24, When she isn't busying twerking, being voted the sexiest woman in the world or just being all around awesome, Miley Cyrus can be found.