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Sexual Crime in India: Is it Influenced by Pornography? statistics of crime linked to pornography

interest in the impact of pornography on sex related crimes such as rape and child . test, we regress the sex crime rate in a given year on internet usage in a .

Evidence from crime data in four countries where pornography is easily available . evidence of a causal link between pornography and rape, a new generation (violent) pornography should definitely somehow influence the rape statistics.

The reported crime rates in India particularly with reference to sexual crimes and . significant change in the crime rate in relation to pornography consumption.

But experts have a one-word theory: porn. According to the much maligned crime statistics for the Republic, sexual it can lead to a further deterioration in attitudes towards women generally, and specifically sexually.

Could legalizing pornography legal lead to lower rates of sex crimes? A new study tackles this controversial question. Results from the Czech.