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Oct 4, Keep reading to find out what women are saying about men's pubic hair including using a skin balm on your newly-shaved genital area.

Apr 18, Guys, there is really nothing creepier than a dude who shaves his entire Before you take a razor to your penis, how about you ask the girl.

Jul 6, When it comes to pubic hair removal, shapes, and designs, men have Minimalist: Shave all the hair above your penis, but leave the hair on.

Jul 15, 4 Twentysomething Men Explain Why They Shave Their Pubic Hair like the men in the adult films I've been watching and wanting my penis to.

Nov 14, Men describe how they do (or don't) remove their pubic hair. There's truth to shaving your pubes to make your dick look bigger, but I think.