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Pussy Galore is a fictional character in the Ian Fleming James Bond novel Goldfinger and Pussy tells Bond that she became a lesbian after she was sexually abused by her uncle at the age of Auric Goldfinger enlists the help of .

A letter in which Ian Fleming asserts that his lesbian Bond girl Pussy Galore “only needed the right man to come along to cure her psycho-pathological malady” will be sold at auction later this month. The letter, which is also included in the just-published collection of.

In the books, Pussy Galore is a lesbian. In the film, despite Honor Blackman saying that she played Pussy Galore true to the books, she's.

James Bond 'Cured' Pussy Galore Of Her Lesbianism? A shockingly homophobic letter from the 'Bond' series' author surfaces. By James.

In a letter written in , in response to a complaint from a Doctor Gibson about Pussy Galore's transformation from 'hard-eyed' lesbian to.