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Ask a vet online - "What can cause staining around mouth and on dogs paws?" - Vet Help Direct black spots around dogs pee area

Should you worry about black patches on your dog's skin? the dark spots are usually flush or flat, and appear around the groin area.

Are you noticing black spots near your dog's privates? They could be comedones or even a sign of mange. Learn more about this issue on PetCoach.

My dog has developed black spots around her pee hole as well as a mole on her nose. She's never had these before. - Answered by a verified.

My dog has tiny brown spots around her pee hold/urethra area (skin surface only) . What could this be and how do I treat it, if I need to at all?.

When a Maltese puppy or dog has spots of black skin or darker areas. of the body: head, neck, chest, shoulders, around the mouth, belly and/or genital areas.