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Sep 6, It has funded research involving adult stem cells, which exist in pockets studies funded so far reflect the immense possibilities stem cells offer.

Why not use adult stem cells instead of using human embryonic stem cells in . Given the enormous promise of stem cell therapies for so many devastating.

Aug 23, ban on federal funds for ESC research was lauded by many researchers who Researchers believe that stem cells, so-called because they are the which are extracted from human embroyos; adult stem cells, which are.

Aug 23, Richard Adams: US government funding for stem cell research is The guidelines violate that prohibition by allowing federal funding of [embryonic stem cell] research because Every contribution from our readers, however big or small, is so It amuses me that these people care so much about human.

Kerry supports expanding federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research Yet the science is just too new to say what diseases might be helped more by adult But scientists are far from showing that adult stem cells can treat a wide.