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Tsukino, Serena finds out that she is Sailor Moon and meant to lead legendary . Sailor Venus wants to show that she's best Sailor Scout and fails. Fic.

Located: Sailor Moon > Het - Male/Female. The Sailor This is a work of fan fiction for the ongoing Sex Arcade series by Sabudenego. It depicts Uranus and.

Located: Sailor Moon > Threesomes/Moresomes. A new enemy catches the Sailor Scouts by surprise and one by one the scouts fall to the enemies depraved.

Located: Sailor Moon > AU - Alternate Universe. Sailor Jupiter learns a bit about . My "exit" fic and a culmination of requests. Yuri. Content Tags: COMPLETE.

Sailor Moon Adult Fanfics. Please feel free to comment to the authors of these stories. Rei Hino: I Dream of Usagi (Rei/Usagi) · Ami Mizuno's Class of Self- Loving.