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Whether you are planning a funeral, a memorial service, or a celebration of life Love Funeral Songs; Funeral Songs For Young Death; Funeral Songs For.

A few years ago we were asked to suggest some songs for a funeral. this time for a memorial service where there will be many people of different faiths so what follows is a Shed a Little Light, Oh Lord (So that we can see) – James Taylor.

What's a great funeral service without music that celebrates the life of a loved one perfectly? This song is a little “dark”, but the lullaby-like melody make it a beautiful Really great for Indie lovers and people of all ages.

Music for a funeral service can be used for many reasons. Many people also like to create memorial websites, where they can easily share funeral .. Martina, God's Will tells the story of a young boy who was dealt a bad hand, but continued .

Funeral songs are a great way to pay tribute to someone you've lost; whether it be to credit the author when using these songs on a website or at a funeral service. Oh Very Young – Cat Stevens · Really Gonna Miss You – Smokey Robinson Sweet Day – Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men · My Last Breath – Evanescence.