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I am a 25 yr old woman, I am going to start hitting the gym to strength train next week(I am a little out of shape) but I wanted to learn a form of Martial Arts, I've.

However, I happen to teach Karate to a lot of passionate 'old boys' who started later in their lives, That's not something a frail old adult should be doing is it?.

Jul 14, To cut to the chase, you learn a martial art as an adult student for two primary reasons, health benefits and for fun. You aren't going to become rich or famous.

Jan 16, 5 Reasons Adults Should Take Martial Arts Understand that while the obvious answer of “to learn how to defend yourself” is always a.

Dec 31, Martial arts are not only awesome skills, but also a great way to stay in Especially for adults, learning a challenging new skill like karate is.