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I use Johnson's baby body wash as face wash, initially I had no intention to use it. When my baby Is Johnson Baby Soap used as a face cleanser for adults?.

Our products can help with a range of skincare and beauty hacks! It’s important to remove your makeup before bed to prevent dryness and the buildup of bacteria on your skin. Moisturize Your Skin with Baby Lotion.

Who says baby products are only for babies? Discover ways to baby Mother and child using Johnson's® Baby Oil Gel Johnson's® Baby Shampoo for adults .

Johnson's Baby Soap with Honey, 4 x g Bars: Health Toss Game Inflatable Reindeer Antler Hat with Rings for Kids Adults Family Xmas.

JOHNSON'S Baby, Baby Soap with Baby Oil, g: years, JOHNSON'S has provided safe, mild and gentle products for babies and adults.