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Located: Erotica > FemSlash - Female/Female. "It would be easier for you to just leave me there to die. It would be easier if I could hate you. But the sad truth is.

Located: Original - Misc > -FemSlash - Female/Female. The twilight hours of the 19th Century are bringing much change. Nobles are being pushed aside by.

Located: Misc Cartoons > FemSlash - Female/Female. Harmony would do anything for Yumi, That includes doing lewd things with her. Content Tags: Yuri.

Located: Fantasy & Science Fiction > FemSlash - Female/Female. A teenaged girl in modern Kurandra finds out that not only is magic real, but there are people .

Located: Romance > FemSlash - Female/Female. Reese expected senior year to be a pit stop on the way to something better. Memphis will show her what that.