EBM Consult : Maintenance Fluid Calculator - calculating intravenous hydration adult 77 kg


calculating intravenous hydration adult 77 kg

Pediatric blood transfusion dose is 10cc/kg. Rates extrapolated for high mass ( adults) may be inadequate, always titrate fluids based 77 lbs, 35 kg, 75 mL/hr.

The Maintenance Fluid Calculation for Children helps to determine the daily volume of fluids needed based on the weight of a child. This calculation also.

Formulas Used: For 0 - 10 kg = weight (kg) x mL/kg/day; For kg = mL + [weight (kg) x 50 ml/kg/day]; For > 20 kg = mL + [weight (kg) x

If Not a kg Adult: ++. Calculate the water requirement according to the following kg method: ++. For the first kg adult, unless otherwise specified. + + Almost all IV fluid solutions supply glucose as dextrose (pure dextrorotatory glucose). Pediatric D5½NS (% NaCl), 50, 77, 77, —, —, —, —, —, D5 NS (%.

Evidence-based recommendations on intravenous (IV) fluid therapy for adults in hospital. prolonged dehydration or inadvertent fluid overload due to IV fluid therapy) approximately 1 mmol/kg/day of potassium, sodium and chloride and . – – –