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Accessible transportation: air travel, train, taxi, bus, local public transit, parking permit and accessible vehicule rental in Québec. facility in its international arrivals hall, equipped with a winch and changing table for adults. Vehicles with a disabled parking permit or plate may park in a residential zone or no- parking zone.

The STM paratransit program offers door-to-door public transit service by person with a deficiency causing a significant and persistent disability ( impairment), who not be confused with wheelchair access to the regular public transit system.

transport for individuals with and without a physical disability their counterparts in Montreal have access to only 46% of the jobs accessible to other users. This users, which will be beneficial to the wider population, namely older adults, assess how the transport system benefits different populations (Foth et al., ; .

English Montreal School Board Logo . School Bus Transportation. The EMSB Transportation Division, a part of the School Organization Department, is responsible for issuing bus passes to Adult Education Special Needs Network.

Québec's education system for preschool-, elementary- and secondary-age children. .. tool to help the parents of a child or an adult with a disability determine their technical aids, childcare services, education and transportation , as well as.